Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat : Cycling between gardens and orange trees


We visited Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat, a member of the Bike Friendly Hotels network in Greece. From the first minute of our presence in the area, we found out what impressed us on the hotels website: “away from urban everyday life”.

The hotel, a luxury unit in an agritourism area of Argolida, hidden on a hill behind the village of Pyrgiotika, is what we call “so close and so far at the same time” from urban life!

When you set foot on the land of Perivoli, everything changes. The cool breeze, the endless silence, the view of the mountain and the sea, give the spark for a change of rythms and mainly a change of psychology.

The feeling of calmness and serenity diffuses indoors, with relaxing music, low lightning, beautiful colours and smiling faces to welcome you. How wonderful it can be to feel so familiar in a place from the beginning!

The lobby could be the hall of a luxury shelter! The warm colours, the paintings in harmony with the whole space, the library, the large fireplace, the comfortable sofas, the bar and the terrace with its unique view, are the first pictures that Perivoli leaves on you.

The room is spacious, with all the comforts and the necessary artistic touches! Going out on the balcony of the room, you have the opportunity to dive in the swimming pool which is surrounded by orange trees. In the backround the plain with the olive groves, the Argolic bay and the colours of the sunset!

The breakfast, freshly squeezed orange juice, aromatic coffee  and a  menu with special flavors that fills you with the necessary energy for exploring the area.

Due to anti-covid measures, the staff was very diligent in disinfecting and cleaning the dining area during the breakfast and during the dinner by the pool.

The dinner, made by products of local producers, the special menu and a variety of wines, could make the hotel an independent tasty destination. Those who can have Perivoli… on their plate are really lucky!

The hotel is a member of two networks of thematic-alternative activities. Perivoli is located in a great location for cycling and hiking, and provides certified services (Bike Friendly and Hikers Friendly).

The hotel gave us the opportunity to tour the area on cycling and hiking routes which you can download on your mobile with qr-code!

The service facilities for those who want to see up close the nature of the area and smell the orange trees by bike or on foot, don’t stop on the hotel maps, as the hotel gives you the opportunity of renting bicycles from a specialized cycling company, if of course you haven’t bring yours with you as we did.

The hotel’s support area for the cyclists and the hikers, is filled with everything you will need for your excursions and in case of need. The hotel has taken care of that, which is why the hotel has been certified as friendly to cyclists and hikers. A simple and short route for those who feel insecure to get into the “difficulties” of the mountain, is a tour by bike to the village Pyrgiotika.

But beyond the images and the aromas of nature that we met on our two-wheeled excursions, there are also the nearby beaches (max 20 min. by car). Kondili and Kastraki, are quite good suggestions for coolness next to the clear sea, without being crowded and noisy. In Kastraki, after swimming in the sea, it is worth having an afternoon walk to the acropolis of prehistoric Asini, where the walls at one point enter the sea.

We left Perivoli with the best impressions for the quality of the services, the substructure of hospitality and support for cyclists and hikers. At the same time we gave a promise to ourselves that at the first opportunity we will come back to continue the cycling exploration in the area! The limitations of Covid-19 and “daily routine of urban way of life” make us want even more getaways in nature and at Perivoli!

Arthur Nattourus