Bike Partners

The "Bike Friendly" network in Greece is supported by selected businesses offering bicycle rentals, technical assistance / repairs, bicycle tours, etc. Partners-Members stand out for their commitment to environmental protection, the high quality of their services and their dedication to the tourist-cyclist.

Mary Poppins Boutique Sweet Shop

Everyone's favorite Mary Poppins confectionery, which represents an old London house with homemade pastries is located in the heart of the city of Alexandroupolis, within walking distance of its main double bike path, on the pedestrian street opposite the town hall.

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Travel2Peloponnese is a company that deals with alternative tourism mainly in the area of ​​Kynouria (coastal Arcadia), but also with partners throughout the Peloponnese.

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AlterRoads Cycling & Leisure

Alter Roads is our excuse to learn something new every day, from cycling through new routes to enjoying a new local recipe and taste the local wine; and it’s all because from the beginning the question has been : "How the perfect week for a bike trip might be?”

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Petali is the beginning of a dream. The dream of having our own bike shop, to be able to share our passion for cyclism and be part of the change to another way of living.

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Active Holidays in Greece – Gnosis Active Travel

We are a Greek Specialist Adventure Tour Operator & Travel Designer that offers activity, cultural and special-interest tours, since 2012. Our Travel Company has a long family tradition and it was founded by tourism professionals with over 40 years of experience in active travel and cultural tours.

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