Bike Partners

The "Bike Friendly" network in Greece is supported by selected businesses offering bicycle rentals, technical assistance / repairs, bicycle tours, etc. Partners-Members stand out for their commitment to environmental protection, the high quality of their services and their dedication to the tourist-cyclist.

Kakivelis Best Bikes

The bicycle shop "Kakivelis Best Bikes" is located in a beautiful seaside area, Lampi, which is close to the center of Kos. It is a family-run bicycle and electric bicycle rental and sales business, which has been operating since 1980.

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Woody City Garden

In the heart of Athens, amidst the bustling city streets and historic landmarks, lies a hidden gem that has become a haven for both locals and tourists – the "Woody City Garden." This charming café, located in the city center, features a large green garden offering a refreshing escape from urban clamor.

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BikeIT has been active for 10 years and from the first day of operation of the store, our first concern is the entertainment and safety of our customers. Over the years we have developed relationships of trust, friendships but the main thing is that we have managed to evolve ourselves and become one of the favorite bicycle rental shops in Thessaloniki.

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Top Gear Rentals

Our company has been active in the bicycle field since 2014 and until today has collaboration outside the head offices in Mastichari and Kardamena and in 9 hotels.

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Activities Messolonghi

Discover Messolonghi and its surrounding area with "Activities Messolonghi"! Bike through picturesque trails, explore historic sites, and enjoy the beautiful nature. Tailored routes for all levels!

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Aurelia e-assist Bikes

Aurelia e-assist Bikes is a boutique company specializing in the production of electric bicycles and micro-mobility vehicles, based in Naxos, where it also operates its own rental and guided tours store since 2019.

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SOLEBIKE is active in Athens with many thematic tours using electric bicycles.It owns the largest fleet in Athens of 40 electric bikes with modern mid-motor technology and is supported by highly trained, experienced staff. SOLEBIKE has developed a separate B2B department and cooperates with local businesses and hotels throughout Greece for initiating their own operation of eBike tours in their area.

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Hype Trails

Hype Trails operates on the island of Thassos and has brand new and advanced technology e-bikes. It provides bike tours on routes that have been selected after a study, designed to provide unique experiences for each rider and safe fun for all participants.

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