Philoxenia Apartments

Philoxenia Apartments

Come and enjoy your vacation in the warm environment of Philoxenia Apartments in Kryoneri, Messolonghi. The warm and friendly atmosphere, the fantastic sea view, the wildness of the rock of Varasova, the wonderful sunset with the changes of colors in the sky, are essential elements and guarantee for you and your family an unforgettable stay during your vacation.

Enjoy the “sunrise” of the moon from the nearby ridge of Varasova, bathed in moonlight, especially on the nights of the full moon or the August moon. Philoxenia Hotel Apartments is a destination that can accommodate you all year round.

In the idyllic taverns of Kryoneri beach, just a few meters from our facilities, you can enjoy your fish appetizers under the moonlight and in the quiet night shops the cocktails with the wave crashing at your feet. Our place is suitable for many activities and promises to keep your interest undiminished, ready to satisfy all tastes.

Nature lovers can find here a small paradise as both in the mountain of Varasova and in Messolonghi, places which have joined NATURA 2000 with code 2310005, have flora and fauna with rare species of flowers and birds. However, sports fans can also find the destination they have always been looking for, offering you the unique experience of hiking, mountaineering and climbing in Varasova on pistols (just 50m from Philoxenia Hotel Apartments) and paragliding. Also, on the river Evinos, nature lovers can enjoy water routes by canoe and kayak, while in the lagoon of Messolonghi can enjoy the natural thermal baths.

And for the lovers of excursions there are many nearby archeological sites both in Messolonghi and in the surrounding areas, but our location facilitates the organization of many one-day excursions. Our place is also one of the most famous fishing and hunting grounds in Greece with a variety of prey and catch.

The Philoxenia complex consists of a main building and two other buildings with apartments and suites.

All our apartments are recently renovated with a special style and discreet luxury.

We have fully equipped apartments for 2-6 people with kitchen, private bathroom, A / C, TV. Most apartments have sea and mountain views, with large balconies and a seating area that can accommodate an extra person.

For those who would like to escape from the monotonous rhythms and boredom of the city, for those who seek a real refuge away from the crowds our hotel immediately embraces the visitor respecting his desire for pleasant memories of summer holidays.

But also for the weekend excursions, offering you an intimate environment, friendly service, natural and building beauty. The quiet and idyllic atmosphere make it an ideal destination for couples, families and the elderly.

Bike friendly facilities offered by the hotel

  • Information about bike friendly services either on the website or in the hotel brochure, or in a special brochure.
  • Area map with cycling routes in printed or electronic form (free service).
  • Secure parking or storage area for bicycles or co-operation with a corresponding space near the hotel (free service).
  • Tool kit availability (free service).
  • Washing machine-dryer available on a daily basis (on-site or off-site – paid service).
  • Renting and repairing bicycles in the hotel or near the hotel (paid service).
  • Collaboration with a company that organizes cycling tours.
  • Parking places with a special rack for bicycles.
  • Electric bicycle battery charging point.
  • Rent a mini van service for bicycles transport.
  • Lunchbox availability with fruit, toast, energy drinks, etc.