“Green” free transportation from the Municipality of Alexandroupolis with electric bikes


The pilot application of a new network of 45 shared electric bicycles in Alexandroupoli has begun, which will improve the daily life of citizens and will contribute to changing the way citizens move around the city.

It is a green energy, financed by the NSRF and it concerns the supply and installation

  • forty-five (45) electric bicycles, specially made for public use,
  • seven (7) automated bicycle rental stations,
  • forty-eight (48) electronic bicycle insurance places and finally the necessary software for controlling and invoicing the use of the system.

The bikes have been placed at the following stations for their rental and automatic charging:

  • Demokratis Avenue 288,
  • Municipal parking lot, near the “Fotis Kosmas” stadium
  • KEP Alexandroupolis, National Resistance 106
  • Municipal swimming pool
  • Irodotou with Th. Georgiadis (Zisi camp)
  • N. Chili (opposite the stadium)
  • Maistro (central square),

which include lock/charge positions and allow bikes to be charged while they are locked at the station.

The system allows the automatic rental of electric bicycles without the presence of staff. The citizen has the possibility to book the bike rental electronically after downloading the Bike Alexandroupoli application on his mobile phone. It can only be picked up and returned to and from the seven rental and self-charging stations, which include lock/charge locations.

In this way, the Municipality of Alexandroupolis offers citizens and visitors to the city free access to electric bicycles with the aim of reducing car traffic in the city, facilitating the use of other means of public transport, limiting the traffic load in the city and limiting the environmental and noise pollution.

At the same time, the bicycle will be an alternative means of transportation for tourists and their acquaintance with the city and local attractions.

It is noted that Alexandroupolis has been awarded by NATTOUR AMKE as a “Bike Friendly Destination” for the services it provides to cyclist tourists.

Bike Friendly Municipality of Alexandroupolis