The Municipality of Kos celebrated World Bicycle Day with a special event


The Municipality of Kos, as a Bike Friendly Destination, celebrated World Bicycle Day on Monday, June 3, 2024, in Eleftheria Square, with a special event-celebration and with the central message “The bicycle leads us to a more sustainable future” .

The event – among other things – wanted to emphasize the importance of the bicycle and non-motorized transport, not only for the physical health and fitness of citizens, but also for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Fight against Climate Change. In addition, World Bicycle Day was established by the United Nations, reflecting the need to promote sustainable transportation and the beneficial effects that bicycle use has on public health and the environment, on sustainability and on improving the quality of life.

Therefore, in the context of the event of the Municipality of Kos which commemorated the world bicycle day, and with the cooperation of the local authorities, the cycling clubs and bike shops of the city, a beautiful cycling tour was held in the historical center of Kos, with the participation of small and big cycling friends, on a comfortable route in the town of Kos.

This symbolic bike ride aimed to encourage citizens to adopt a more sustainable way of life, and to further highlight the possibilities of cycling tourism in Kos, which is also a bike friendly island and a destination with unparalleled natural beauty that offers a rich travel experience to the visitor.

The event was attended by the mayor of Kos, Mr. Theodosis Nikitaras, the deputy mayor of  Tourism of Kos, Mrs. Matina Voukelatou Christodoulidi, and the authorized sports advisor of the Municipality of Kos, Mrs. Dionysia Giannouli, as well as representatives and athletes of the cycling sections of the Sports Clubs of Kos, Kos Red Cross, professionals from the bicycle field and others.

The little friends of the bicycle were given certificates of participation, while a raffle was held for children’s helmets offered by bicycle companies and shops in the area, and finally prizes were given to the bicycle associations and bicycle shop owners who support the municipality’s bicycle actions.

It is noted that the municipality of Kos has been awarded by “AMKE NatTour” as a “Bike Friendly Destination” for the services it provides to cycling tourists and participates in the Bike Friendly Network in Greece.