Leros: Discover the ultimate alternative tourism and cycling experience

Fanouris Kontogiorgakis, owner of Leros Bike, talks about cycling on Leros and the opportunities the island offers for tourists and racing activities.

The island of Leros, an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts, offers a unique experience for visitors, especially during the summer months. Fanouris Kontogiorgakis, owner of Leros Bike, explains the peculiarities of cycling tourism on the island. On Leros, cycling is suitable for everyone, from beginners to the most experienced cyclists, with the possibility of using electric bicycles that make it easier to explore the island.

A day in Leros is an adventure of exploring natural wonders, beaches, and picturesque spots, with stops for food and relaxation. The island holds the Bike Friendly certification, confirming its hospitality towards cyclists.

Beyond everyday activities, Leros also hosts cycling races, which are now more intense and international. This year, a European mountain bike race was organized, boosting the island’s tourism sector and attracting new visitors.


Bike Friendly Municipality of Leros