Travel2Peloponnese is a company that deals with alternative tourism mainly in the area of ​​Kynouria (coastal Arcadia), but also with partners throughout the Peloponnese.

The base of our company is Tyros Arkadia in South Kynouria.

We organize activities with bicycles, sea kayak, hiking, boat tours, climbing, city tours, sightseeing, food experience, wine tasting etc.

Our activities can be a few hours, full-day and multi-day in combination of activities and areas.


We suggest in an asphalt field the route from Astros to Kosmas that passes through the villages of Tyros, Melana, Pragmatis, Leonidio, Poulithra.

Beautiful route by the sea, the section Astros – Leonidio and then we ascend to Kosma at an altitude of 1150m.

The route can be done in any direction you want and partially of course to be combined with overnight stays as there are hotels and accommodation in all villages.

Entering the area of ​​Kosmas, entering the forest of Parnonas, we have the choice of amazing dirt routes with alternating chestnut forests, spruce forests, unique flora and unique herbs.

Other mountain options are Kastanitsa, Agios Petros or Sitaina and generally the entire mountain range of North Kynouria.

Our escorts are experienced and knowledgeable in the area, speak 2 languages ​​and can guide visitors safely by providing them with historical and folklore information.

We also cover the area of ​​Messinia with partners (Kalamata, Navarino, Voidokilia…).

Accommodation services

  • Tours combined with sightseeing
  • Bicycle repair
  • Bicycle rental

The parent company “A HORA NAMOU” to which the brand belongs, organizes sports events (road races, swimming, triathlon).

Our experience with triathlon showed us the love of the world, athletic and non-athletic, on the bicycle and on the routes offered by the Peloponnese.

Finally, the 20 km of the TyrosTriathlon cycling part is well known to cyclists.

Services offered as a Bike Friendly Partner:

  • Tours
  • Other bike services