Travel Vibe

Travel Vibe

Travelvibe was created in 2018. A really unique idea at the time, since there was nothing like it in Greece.

Today, its the biggest community of active travel bloggers in Greece and through actions on its official website and social media accounts the community tries to achieve its goals.

As a community they have two main goals. The first one, is to inspire Greek travelers to try new experiences, adventures or activities and discover new aspects of themselves. The second goal of the Travelvibe community is to help tourism professionals get closer at a very promising market – the travel bloggers’ market – that has fresh ideas, is heavily involved in social media and active blogging and is able to help the entire industry, since they use word of mouth to communicate with their audience.

In its first year of operation, Travelvibe has managed to build a strong team of more than 70 people including travel bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers, photographers and videographers, collaborate with travel agencies and hotels, participate in projects to promote a great idea and all of the above without ever loosing sight of its main goal…  discovering new places and new spots throughout the world!

It’s worth mentioning that all effort is voluntary. There is no company involved supporting the team financially or in any other way or trying to make profit out of it. Travelvibe is a group of people trying to communicate their passion for travel alongside with tips and useful information for each location they visit. Some have even traveled all the way to Everest Base Camp, Mexico and exotic islands, such as Sentosa, captured their great adventure and shared their extraordinary experience. On Travelvibe’s official website, one can find over 400 travel stories whilst on its social media one can really feel the travel vibes!

In addition to providing information and tips for short or long trips, the team is also supporting causes related to innovation, green behavior, and travel safety.  As per the above, it also supports Bike Hotels!

Discover more about the TravelVibe Community and follow them as they take you on a journey across the world or to the most secret and precious spots in Greece.

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