Cycling Hellas

Cycling Hellas

«Cyclinghellas» & «Dalavikasbikes» are created by real bike riders in mind! The long experience, the rich and multiple knowledge, but mainly their love and the passion for cycling, in combination with their respect for the customer and the friend of the bicycle, constitute the biggest guarantee for the quality of their products and services they offer, via «Cyclinghellas» & «Dalavikasbikes».


  CH is dynamically active:

  • In guided cycling tours (1-2 days getaways).
  • In guided cycling holidays (multi-days).
  • In multisport tours combine cycling & hiking.
  • In bike rentals.
  • In organizing cycling events.

Having immense experience in cycling, the team of Cycling Hellas, plans and organizes special custom & on request, unique & safe cycling tours and holidays in selected breath-taking areas of Greece, which fits any age, any budget and any interest. Multisport tours are a perfect blend of cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities!

Cycling Hellas, combine bike tours and cycling vacations with visits in archaeological & sacred places, in museums & historical places, in pure traditional villages or cosmopolitan cities, in bright blue crystal beaches or picturesque mythical mountains!

Cycling destinations: The greater geographic area of Central Greece, Central Macedonia and Thessaly constitute the main regions of interest:

Mythical Olympus, the residence of 12 Gods! Meteora, an imposing and holy place! Delphi, the navel of the earth! Plastira lake, a dazzling surround!Mt Kissavos, a picturesque Mt, continuity of Olympus Mt, where the height meets the sea! Tempi Valley, where history meets mythology, tradition meets culture, myth meets reality! Aegean, the mythical and famous Greek Sea! Corfu, the cosmopolitan & multi-cultural Island! Archaeological, mythological, historical, cultural or religious elements and Greek cuisine, are presented, along with the special hospitality of the local area.

CH collaborate with: modern, luxurious hotels to provide a high level of services in tours, in holidays in cycling events. Favourite country inns or boutique hotels accommodate guests with graciousness, hospitality and well-known Greek tavern offer famous Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

CH Provides:

  •  Top-quality bike rental services: Top & well-known bikes in cycling industry (Bianchi, Cube, Cannondale, Giant, Ballistic, Clermont), in any type (Road, Trekking, Fitness, Mountain Bikes, city, e-bikes & kids bikes) cleaned and well maintained after every rental. Suitable sizes which fit best on you, ready to ride – where you want, when you want.
  • Cycling equipment & bike accessories rental services: cycling gear & cloths, rear rack, car rack, baby seat, rear bags, odometer, lights, etc. All extras and cycle gear are in excellent condition.
  • Technical bike support: by specialized & trained personnel.
  • Extra cycling gear and clothing: in the finest cycling brands.
  • Transportation: Van & 2 cars, a big trailer to carry 20 bikes & other bike racks.


CH organizes:

  • Cycling events

The founders of Cycling Hellas:

The founders of Cycling Hellas are trained athletes, cycling champions, coaches & guides, have years of experience in bike races.  Αs tours & events organizers are capable of offering exceptional services with their colleagues.

The philosophy: The focus of CH is to share with the quest the love and passion for cycling and travel, to help them choose the best tour for them in epic Greek destinations, to guide them to the glamour of the past, to mythical rides, to get maximum comfort, enjoyment and  the unique Greek nature, culture, hospitality! To make the customers’ holidays in Greece a life experience!


«Dalavikasbikes» is the owner’s speciality shop:

Is active: in cycling since 2000 in Larissa, following the evolution of cycling products and cycling technology. It possesses a dynamic presence in cycling and brand recognition, servicing not only the local market but also the needs of consumers and friends of cycling from all over Greece.

The speciality bike shop: all these years, continuously and consistently serves, supports and promotes the bicycle and cycling. Since 2011 it constitutes the grand sponsor and helper of the Podilatikos Cycling Club “PINEIOS”, while the owners Dalavikas Kostas and Tsesmetzidou-Dalavika Despoina have intense sports and racing presence in cycling, in the organisation of cycling races and other relative events & tours, supporting the triptych sports, ecology, alternative lifestyle…

The shop: is located in 98 Iroon Polytechneiou str., in a modern and spacious exhibition area of 400 s.m., where you will find anything regarding cycling and the cyclist, a full exhibition of all bicycles and products of companies established in cycling. A huge variety of high profile accessories, spare parts, clothing is at your disposal, capable to satisfy the demands of the modern cyclist. In a special, fully organized and equipped space specialized service is provided from expertly trained personnel, ready to solve any cycling question. The shop possesses a bike fitting system, in order to exactly determine the bicycle size corresponding to you based on your physical data.


«Cycling Hellas» & «Dalavikasbikes»: are the great sponsors of Cycling Club Pineios in which the owners are the cycling coaches.

“ The long experience, the rich and multiple knowledge, but mainly the love and our passion for cycling, in combination with our respect for the customer and the friend of the bicycle, constitute the biggest guarantee for the quality of our products and services we offer ..”


e-mail: [email protected]

Ch. Smirnis 35 Larissa /entrance from Ir. Polytechniou 98

Larissa- Central Greece

Tel: +306944255177 Despina Dalavika



Services offered as a Bike Friendly Partner:

  • Bike Rental – Sharing
  • Bike Sales – Equipment
  • Bike Service
  • Bike Tours
  • Other Services