Villa Regina Rossa

Villa Regina Rossa

The stylish Regina Rossa villa overlooks the Ionian Sea in the northern part of the island near the resorts of Rhodes, Acharavi and Kassiopi, 35 km from Corfu Airport and Chora.

It has a total of eight rooms and five bathrooms but can also rent part of the villa. It is fully equipped and offers a spectacular view of the sea from just over 1,000 meters. The villa is ideal for large groups who want to spend some time together but each guest retains the ability to have their own private space.

The morphology of the area is ideal for beautiful cycling trips on easy to medium terrain but close to the only mountain of the island sown with beautiful and traditional old villages.

Organized for bike hosting we work closely with the best staffed and equipped bike and bike tour company on the island.

We are waiting for you!

Bike friendly facilities offered by the hotel

  • Information about bike friendly services either on the website or in the hotel brochure, or in a special brochure.
  • Area map with cycling routes in printed or electronic form (free service).
  • Secure parking or storage area for bicycles or co-operation with a corresponding space near the hotel (free service).
  • Tool kit availability (free service).
  • Washing machine-dryer available on a daily basis (on-site or off-site – paid service).
  • Renting and repairing bicycles in the hotel or near the hotel (paid service).
  • Collaboration with a company that organizes cycling tours.
  • Electric bicycle battery charging point.
  • Rent a mini van service for bicycles transport.
  • Lunchbox availability with fruit, toast, energy drinks, etc.
  • Availability of healthy breakfast with organic-bio products.