Theoxenia Kasos Apartments

Theoxenia Kasos Apartments

Theoxenia Apartments is a tourist residence with rooms for rent on Kasos, offering a relaxed and peaceful stay at one of the most unspoiled islands of the Dodecanese.

Located in the village of Panagia – just a few hundred meters from the port and the sandy Emporios beach (pitch-perfect for families) -, Theoxenia Apartments are the perfect setting from which to experience this extraordinary island in all of its historic, cultural and natural glory.

Family-owned Theoxenia Apartments are drawing those in search of a slice of island life by combining unpretentious luxury, modern architecture aspirations and the traditional island vibe with the focus fully on small stylish design details and the authentic Greek hospitality. At the recently renovated and fully equipped apartments of Theoxenia, Aegean Sea defines the horizon, and thus the visitor gets a sense of a homey vacation. Theoxenia Apartments are addressed to everyone, from large companions who wish to spend their summer holidays, digital nomads and/or employees who can work remotely, to couples seeking to get lost by escaping to one of the most unique Greek destinations!

Each room (with capacity of 2/3 people) at the two-level Theoxenia apartments is decorated uniquely and painted in a different color palette (mainly with brown-gold shades and the blue and white island hues), being adorned with a variety of furnishings. But the showpiece here is the private balcony with either a view to the Aegean Sea or the quaint village of Panagia, as well as they feature a wide array of amenities such as: satellite TV with DVD / CD / MP3 / USB, washing machine, refrigerator, kitchen with oven, luxury bathroom, air conditioning and of course free WiFi.

Apart from an overall comfortable stay, Theoxenia Apartments is member of the Kasos Tours family, a tour agency that offers the ultimate vacation package for an unforgettable Kasos island experience with its private van. Book a tour with us and enjoy from agritourism activities and genuine gastronomic experiences like cooking lessons with locals at Kasos Tours Estate, to beach hopping, scenic biking excursions, daily cruises and guided sightseeing tours of the island!

Just by being based at Theoxenia Apartments, Greeks and foreign visitors alike can experience all the beauties and everything that Kasos has to offer. Bouka with its brightly painted boats and piles of yellow and orange fishnets serves as the capital as well as the picturesque port of the island, upon which locals sip their morning coffee. The churches of Agia Kyriaki and Agios Mamas provide the best panoramic views, whereas the chapel of Agios Konstantinos, reveals the need to pray to God for the local seafarers who still sail out on the perilous deep sea. Τhe six adjacent churches at Panagia village, which legend has it were built for six vicious fairies – once present in the island – constitute one of the most imposing sights. And from these holy spaces to the traditional mariner’s houses that are transformed into living and breathing museums adorned with artifacts from all over the world (brought back after the end of their transatlantic journeys) and to the island’s subterranean marvels, the caves of Stilokamara and Ellinokamara, which offering close-up views of the miniature stalactites and stalagmites inside of which – during the holocaust – the women and children of Kasos had found refuge to avoid the Turks before they were burned alive. And finally, all these unspoiled shores of Kasos left intact (Antiperatos beaches, Trita beach, Hochlakia beach, Avlaki beach), the beach of Helatros (which offers a canteen and the real-life setting resembling to a Wes Anderson movie), as well as the hidden stretches offshore (Armathia islet, one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean).

After the daily excursions and/or cruises, our guests return to Theoxenia Apartments in the cocoon of its comfort to relax and plan for their getaways around Kasos island.

Discover the essence of summer holidays in an untouched Greek destination hidden in the Aegean Sea with Theoxenia Apartments and Kasos Tours!

Theoxenia means “to extend hospitality to a stranger (xenos), who turns out to be a disguised deity” in Greek. This is a feel-good accommodation without any formality and on the other hand it has the power to disarm the most overloaded visitor; opens up a new chapter in Kasos history by adding to its name.

Bike friendly facilities offered by the hotel

  • Cycling services explained on the website or via hotel brochure/other marketing materials.
  • A detailed map with cycling routes of Kasos available in printed and online (free of charge).
  • Safe parking space for the bikes at our own premises or to nearby cooperative hotels (free of charge).
  • Bike tool kits available (free of charge).
  • Washing machine and dryer services with the option of same-day delivery (onsite or other sites – extra cost).
  • Rent and repair bicycle service at Theoxenia Apartments and/or other site (extra cost).
  • Parking places with a special rack for bicycles.
  • Electric bicycle battery charging point.
  • Rent a mini van service for bicycles transport.
  • Availability of healthy breakfast with local organic produce.