Taleton Eco Guest House

Taleton Eco Guest House

The Guesthouse Taleton took its name from the highest peak of Taygetos and is far from the noise of the city at the foot of the mountain, in the heart of Xirokampi, a traditional village in a very short distance from the city of Sparta (and even closer At Camp KEEM Sparta).

Arriving at the guesthouse you will be impressed by the old olive oil tank that dominates the entrance of the building which was used in the 19th century as a rural warehouses and a place of silk production. The building is considered a traditional example of the industrial architecture of lakonal and most especially of the Mani area which is based on stone and wood. Thus, Taleton becomes a model of high energy autonomy since both natural materials and technology offer a unique experience with conscience and respect to the environment.

Its 10 rooms are individually decorated. Some with fireplace, some with kitchenette, either single-spaced or small apartments of two levels, satisfy the requirements of every visitor, while the combination of products Cocomat and Dunlopillo offer excellent quality of sleep and relaxation.

In the beautiful outdoor courtyard during the spring season and during the summer months, you can taste an excellent traditional breakfast or enjoy the tranquility of the Greek countryside sipping your coffee from the friendly and attentive staff of Taleton.

The taverns and restaurants of the village invite you to a tasteful meeting with the local cuisine and the exceptional local wines so that you have fun responsibly since they are just a breath away from the guest house.

The village is surrounded by countless orange trees, olive groves, lush mountains, archaeological treasures and stunning monasteries. The area of Faris is in the pan-European Network of Protection Natura 2000 and this makes it ideal for relaxing walks in nature, cycling or even for the most adventurous, base for hiking excursions to the top of Taygetos or for other Activities such as mountaineering, bird watching (Bird watching) and Speleological explorations.

The road trips, apart from the ones of Sparta and Mystras, often lead to the seaside and picturesque Gytheio with the blue flags awarded beaches, Diros Caves, Areopolis, the capital of Mani, Monemvasia or even Neapolis Laconia associated with Elafonisos and Kythira.

Taleton is one of the few hotels in Greece that are BIKE FRIENDLY, DOG FRIENDLY and ECOFRIENDLY certified.

We are happy to offer you authentic Laconian hospitality without being separated from your little four-legged friends!

Bike friendly facilities offered by the hotel

  • Information about bike friendly services either on the website or in the hotel brochure, or in a special brochure.
  • Area map with cycling routes in printed or electronic form (free service).
  • Secure parking or storage area for bicycles or co-operation with a corresponding space near the hotel (free service).
  • Tool kit availability (free service).
  • Washing machine-dryer available on a daily basis (on-site or off-site – paid service).
  • Renting and repairing bicycles in the hotel or near the hotel (paid service).
  • Electric bicycle battery charging point.
  • Lunchbox availability with fruit, toast, energy drinks, etc.
  • Availability of healthy breakfast with organic-bio products.
  • Wellness services availability (at least one): Sauna, Hammam, Jacuzzi, Massage, Thalassotherapy pool.