Iperion Beach Hotel

Iperion Beach Hotel

Blue is the colour of freedom and the colour of most people’s dreams of summertime. Iperion beach hotel offers it generously, as it is built on the golden sandy beach of Rethymnon, next to the clear blue waters of the sea.

When you meet us, you want to return here where you identified the unique location with the warm hospitality and the calm environment. Here, our high quality services combined with the minimalist rooms and the relaxing atmosphere, will amaze you. At the same time, the magnificent view of the sunset and the endless blue offered by the hotel and its rooms, will remind you every minute of the reason you are here.

Iperion beach hotel is connected to the historic center of Rethymnon through an idyllic route (2.5 km) on the coastal road and with the castle city in the background. If you are a cyclist, we give you the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable bike rides in the streets and alleys of the city, admiring the great sights and the unique view.

The city of Rethymnon in recent years has invested significantly in Sustainable Mobility, emphasizing the development of cycling tourism and being one of the certified municipalities in Greece with the ΄Bike Frinedly’ brand. In particular, it has taken care of the creation of infrastructures such as the construction of a special bicycle lane, which passes from one end of the city to the other, the placement of parking spaces for bicycles, as well as various other cycling actions and events aimed at promote the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation, both for residents and visitors.

The Iperion Beach hotel, within the framework of the sustainable development policies that it implements, is the first hotel of the Municipality of Rethymno that holds the distinction with the brand ‘Bike Friendly Hotel’. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and eco friendly way for guests to get to know the city . For this reason, we provide you the possibility to rent a city bike and mountain inside the hotel , as well as the possibility of participating in organized excursions in the city and the hinterland through the cooperating cycling companies.

From the Lending Library of our hotel you can get a special map with the cycling routes that we have created for you in order to discover the most important sights of the city.

Bike friendly facilities offered by the hotel

  • Information about bike friendly services either on the website or in the hotel brochure, or in a special brochure.
  • Area map with cycling routes in printed or electronic form (free service).
  • Secure parking or storage area for bicycles or co-operation with a corresponding space near the hotel (free service).
  • Tool kit availability (free service).
  • Washing machine-dryer available on a daily basis (on-site or off-site – paid service).
  • Renting and repairing bicycles in the hotel or near the hotel (paid service).
  • Parking places with a special rack for bicycles.
  • Electric bicycle battery charging point.
  • Lunchbox availability with fruit, toast, energy drinks, etc.