Attica Paths

Attica Paths

Attica Paths – Passion for the field trip, Passion for Cycling, Passion for the escape to the outdoors

Just 15 Minutes away from the City Center.

Atticapaths team, presents a series of tours on the outskirts of the city, within the unknown but vast beauty of the alpine scenery that outlines the Capital’s basin. If you are a cycling and nature enthusiast and wish to know our city from above, a simple daily getaway with the Atticapaths team, is enough to rejuvenate your body and soul. And all this just 15 minutes away from the City Center.

All of our tours are handpicked and specially constructed, to provide entertainment & relief to our clients whilst focusing on and maximizing their safety. Safety is vital to the Attical Paths team and ensured, through providing not only the proper safety gear to our clients, but more so enhanced through the specialized safety training of our tour Guides and the supply of a support vehicle to accompany participants in each of our tours.

Our staff is suitably trained and certified to provide First Aid should the need arise. Additionally, our equipment is thoroughly inspected before, during & after the end of each tour, thus ensuring that all safety measures are maintained at all times.

Atticapaths guarantees the supply to all of its clients, of certified equipment of the latest technology & design, varying from new bicycles, to helmets and safety gear. Our team will also supply electronic equipment, such as video and photo cameras in order to allow recording of the unique experience of our tours, and keeping these special memories alive.

Our fleet of air-conditioned transport vehicles will provide comfortable, free of charge transport to the starting point of each tour.

Choose one of the routes and experience Athens under a different perspective.


Our Story our Passion

The team behind Atticapaths was formed by a group of friends and bike enthousiasts, in March 2017. Our team is formed by people passionate about their work, who carry years of experience and top-level competition in the fields of outdoor sports, all bonded by our shared love for nature and cycling.

No, we have not re-invented the wheel, but simply love going on excursions, riding our bicycles through the unexplored natural beauty of “our own” Attica and most of all building up a culture with people who share our passion. Here at Attica Paths we merge our love for mountain biking with exploring new trails and paths from Attica’s mountains down to its infinite coastline. Our discoveries and the gems of our exploration, are shared with you through our carefully crafted tours. Through our wide array our tours and destinations, we are confident we will satisfy even the most demanding bikers amongst you, but more importantly offer an experience you will truly love and commemorate.

Who can benefit from the Atticapaths Experience

No, you don’t need to be fitness freaks. Atticapaths routes are designed on offering entertainment through light exercise. Our team offers the possibility to adjust the difficulty of the excursion to meet the needs of more demanding mountain bikers or provide a more relaxing ride. If during the ride you become tired, our experienced guides will adjust the ride and its speed, so that you can freely continue to enjoy yourself whilst riding along.

All of the above are offered without taking any compromises on safety. That is due to the carefully handpicked routes and the consistent training of our tour guides who are ready to offer our bikers any assistance required.

Atticapaths offers to all ride participants:

  • Bicycles, Helmets
  • Tour guide
  • Water and snacks
  • Maps, GPS
  • Insurance for all participants
  • First Aid Kit
  • Photos of the tour
  • Action cameras and drone (extra cost)
  • Cooler
  • Back bag
  • Storage space for personal belongings


Equipment used in the Rides:

  • Customer & equipment transportation car
  • Communication Equipment VHF
  • GPS on all bikes
  • 15 MTB Fuji Nevada with Hydraulic Brakes, model 2017

AtticaPaths is a proud member of the G.U.Μ.Β (Greek Union Mountain Biking). All of our guides are certified on FIRST AID from E.K.A.B (National Center of Emergency Help).

Services offered:

  • Tours.