Basic Criteria

All hotels fulfill the following six basic for the label “bike friendly” criteria:

1) Indicated route map for friendly cycling rides in the area (published or digital form) /Free of charge by the hotel

2) Safe bike deposit area or 24hr reception service / cleaning bike service

3) Bike tool set available at all times/ Free of charge by the hotel

4) Daily washing/drying service / Charge in accordance to hotel’s policy

5) Partnership with local Bike shop( rental & repair)

6) One night offer stay per Visitor (when he cycle travels)



Eligible Criteria

The bike friendly visitor can enjoy a variety of more expertise services as all hotels also fulfill at least three out of the following eleven criteria:

1)Hotel Bike Station

2)Guided bike tours

3)Bike Rack

4)E-Bikes Charging

5) Bike Transfer Service

6) Lunchbox preparation on site ( including fruits, sandwiches energy drinks & gels)

7) Healthy Bio Breakfast

8) Gym

9) At least one of the following wellness services: Sauna, Hamam, Jacuzzi, Massage, Thalassotherapy pool

10) Hotel Website Bike Services Presentation

11) GreenKey label or EcoPractices presentation